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At Kei Juk, we are proud to be a family business passed down from father to son with a passion for graphite products. As a small brand, we understand the importance of creating value and convenience for our customers. We genuinely value your opinions and ideas, seeking to be more than just a seller – we strive to be your reliable partner, dedicated to serving you for the long haul, and continuing the legacy of our store.

Forged by Hand, Crafted with Love: Kei Juk's Family Business and the Art of Graphite

Hin Lam lived a simple life with his young son Kei Juk in their small village nestled high in the mountains. While the land was rugged, it offered natural bounty that Hin Lam skillfully transformed through his gift for graphite artistry.

From a very young age, Kei Juk was enthralled watching his father at work. Hin Lam’s hands seemed to dance as they coaxed intricate patterns and delicate scenes from raw stones. It was as if by some magic, entire worlds were being brought to life under his touch. Kei Juk was determined to learn this power.

Each evening after their chores were done, Kei Juk would eagerly sit by Hin Lam’s side. With patience and care, Hin Lam began teaching his son the techniques that had been passed down for generations. He showed him how to identify the best materials, prepare his tools, and allow his creativity to flow freely yet precisely.

The mountain winds carried their laughter far as father and son experimented together. Through successes and failures, their bond strengthened. Years of devoted study soon had Kei Juk matching his father’s mastery. Their mountain cottage came to house many framed pieces, bearing testament to their artistry.

However, as word spread of Hin Lam’s rare talent, demands grew beyond what their isolated home could provide. After much consideration, Hin Lam decided to open a small workshop in the nearby town. Here, he and Kei Juk could better share their skills and traditions.

Though the workshop has since expanded under Kei Juk’s guidance, the values of perfection and patience remain. Each piece is still lovingly crafted entirely by hand, respecting the legacy passed down from Kei Juk’s beloved father in their mountain home so long ago.